Inquiring minds

The South is a region of the United States that evokes strong reactions and many questions.

It’s the latter I’m interested in for my April post. I am writing a Q&A with my collaborator, Tara Cowan, a Tennessee lawyer and writer of historical fiction. We want to know any questions about life and literature in the South or really anything you’ve been pondering about this region. We will do our best to answer them thoughtfully.

rocking chair, porch, ocean view
The porch is the traditional spot where many of life’s questions are answered in the South. Photo by Tara Cowan

You can leave a comment here or email it to¬†And whether you send us any questions or not, enjoy this lovely photo from Tara, and think about your grandma’s front porch and all you learned there. It will make you feel better, I promise.

Be back soon. In the meantime, check out Tara’s work over at Tea and Rebellion. Here’s the beautifully designed cover of her latest book, which is available on Amazon.

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